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“Diligent and Trustworthy. Having recently hired Peter to handle a case for me, I can say I was blown away by the amount of personal attention he gave my case and his fairness in pricing. His attention to detail was very impressive and he gave me an honest opinion for all the possible outcomes in my case. His trustworthiness and honesty make him an unparalleled choice for representation.” (review by anonymous posted on AVVO)

“Trustworthy and Attentive. I’ve hired Peter Dzuba several times over the past few years and have never been disappointed. He is always fair and honest in his assessment of each case. His attention to detail and the amount of personal attention he gives clients is hard to match. Would highly recommend.” (review by Luciano on AVVO)

“We’ve worked with Peter for several years and he has done amazing for us. We have never lost a case and he is always honest and straightforward.” (review by Julia Musella on Google reviews).

PETER !!! …. Congratulations ! … a TRUE work of art !! …. Fantastic job ! …. I’ve never seen content presented as clearly as you have !” (client feedback after delivery of product).

“Thanks Peter and we appreciate the solid position you presented today on behalf of [confidential]” (CEO’s feedback after strong negotiation).

“Peter!!…. DAMN !! …Congratulations!!…just an absolutely outstanding and FANTASTIC job!!….We’re so grateful and damn lucky to have you in the mix!! THANK YOU!! (client feedback after delivery of product).

“Thank you again for your excellent legal work. We appreciate your awesome attention to our legal matters.” (client feedback after delivery of product).

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Peter. I was genuinely overwhelmed with my situation as a new business owner and he has helped me with everything from trademark inquiries to confidentiality agreements that have been imperative to my business. His knowledge as a lawyer and determination to get the job done has made the experience wonderful! I highly recommend him to other business owners looking to take the next steps to protect your business.” (review by Natalie Loren on Google reviews).

“Peter … once again, excellent work !” (client feedback after delivery of a product)


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