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International Law

Dzuba Law’s international law practice focuses on serving businesses involve in cross-border transactions. Below, we have broken down our international law practice into several simplified subheadings. Note that each subheading contains numerous additional issues that were omitted for simplicity.

International Commercial Transactions

If you are involve in the import or export of goods, the sale of your products is governed by an international treaty called the Convention for the International Sale of Goods, unless expressly disclaimed. We draft agreements that protect your interests under the CISG, or if you prefer, disclaim the CISG in favor of another law such as the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code.
Common Agreements: Contract for the Sale of Goods.

International Business Transactions (not involving goods)

If you are engaging in international business other than the sale of goods, drafting the appropriate international agreement becomes quite challenging and an experienced international lawyer is needed. Choice of law, choice of forum, language of the contract, foreign law, and much more must be factored in.
Common Agreements: Services Agreement; Joint Venture Agreement; Agency Agreement; Distributorship Agreement.

Business Immigration

We handle the business immigration incident to your primary business transaction. Thus, for instance, if you are expanding operations to the U.S. via a U.S. subsidiary and wish to be able to work in the United States to set up this new operation, we help you make this happen.
Common Immigration Visas: B-1 visa, E-2 visa; H-1B visa; L-1 visa.


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