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Corporate Counsel

Corporate counsel work is one of the most difficult practice areas, as it requires a knowledge of many different areas of law which are relevant to the company’s activities. Several of these areas are generally consistent across most businesses and include, but are not limited to: corporate law, contract law, tort law, employment law, tax law, securities law, intellectual property law, and more. In addition to these, depending on the industry the business is in, there might be additional regulatory rules that apply, and those rules must also be navigated to avoid potentially hefty fines and other penalties.

In the capacity of corporate counsel, Dzuba Law provides the same service that an in-house general counsel would provide, except that the work is done on a contract basis and billed by the hour. The firm also provides the option of monthly retainer for such work, with the retainer set based on the recurring need of the client. In either case, the attorney undertakes the achievement of specific goals as directed by the client, and the representation ceases at the end of the execution of such goal, until the client provides further instruction.

Example of work that may be performed may include any legal work from corporate formation to exit or dissolution, and includes but is not limited to:

  • drafting of corporate formation documents
  • drafting merger or acquisition documents
  • drafting documents relating to corporate dissolution
  • drafting service agreements
  • drafting employment or independent contractor agreements
  • drafting documents relating to incentive compensation
  • drafting confidential information, invention assignment, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Many more

In addition to the drafting of the aforementioned documents, Dzuba Law, in this capacity, is often called upon to provide counsel for business decisions in light of the relevant underlying law.


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