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Business Law

Dzuba Law’s business law practice focuses on serving startups and small businesses on the wide range of legal matters that these businesses commonly face. Below, we have broken down our business law practice into several simplified subheadings. The example used in each subheading is the corporation, the most common business organizational form we work with. Note that we also draft the corresponding agreements for other entities, including LLCs, partnerships, LLPs, LPs, and more. Note that each subheading contains numerous additional issues that were omitted for simplicity.

Business Entity Formation & Founder Equity

We help entrepreneurs choice the correct business entity in light of their future goals. This entails, at the outset, making decisions regarding the best business form to assume and whether to incorporate in Florida or elsewhere. We then draft documents that govern and regulate the affairs of the business. We approve these documents and issue shares to founders during the initial organization meeting. Additional agreements, set forth in the other subsections below, may be approved at the time of formation or at a later date.
Common Agreements: subscription agreement; articles of incorporation; bylaws; director and officer indemnification agreements; share purchase agreement; board of director and shareholder resolutions.

Commercial, Service, and Labor Agreements

Following the setup of the corporation, there a variety of basic agreements that should immediately be put in place in order to reduce your risk and to protect the property rights of your business. These include agreements between your business and its customers, and between your business and its employees and independent contractors.
Common Agreements: employment or independent contractor agreements; invention assignment agreement; contract for the sale of goods; service agreement; privacy policy.

Compensation and Equity Finance Agreements

Having set up your company and optimized your legal protections, it is now time to grow your business. We maximize your ability to use equity to grow your business in a cost-effective way, by putting the structure in place to be able to use equity to incentivize co-founders, employees, independent contractors and outside investors.
Common Agreements: share plan; option agreement; restricted stock purchase agreement; phantom stock agreement.

General Counsel Services, Merger and Acquisition Agreements

This last subheading is a catchall for the potentially infinite number of legal questions that an outside general counsel would be called upon to answer. Further, we stand ready to assist in a variety of common ‘extraordinary’ business transactions that include the purchase of all or substantially all of the assets or equity of your small business or startup.
Common Agreements: business purchase agreement; merger agreement.


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