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2017 Year-In-Review

Hello All,

This is my year-end post for 2017, and I just want to first say thank you to everyone who follows my page and has liked my posts. For those of you who have businesses yourselves, let me say that I admire you, and your perseverance, since entrepreneurship is no easy task (..and if any of you have businesses and I am not following you, please send me an invite!).

Looking back on this year, I believe there was good progress made for myself and my firm in general. My cases were pretty evenly split 50% business and 50% international (ie, transactions involving parties in different countries). I also took on, for the first time, a litigation case on the plaintiff’s side (complex business litigation) which has been quite an experience. Other than that, I was involved in many transactions throughout the year and continued to gain excellent experience.

As for the downs, I was slightly disappointed that I have not been able yet to hire someone full-time to ease the burden of all of the tasks I have to handle (that are not legal work). My business plan out of law school had me hiring someone at month 8…that might have been somewhat ambitious. I have hired two contractors, though, one to manage my back office and one to manage my marketing which has been very helpful.. I guess slowly but surely!

I also have been expanding my marketing, adding office signage, speaking at prestigious events, and becoming barred in New York (swearing in is in January). What I have not yet been able to figure out, though, (yet being the key word) is how to make the product I am selling ‘fun’. I see all these lawyers posting content out there, in dense legalese, about the intricacies of some legal doctrine…Do these lawyers actually think that their target clients (i.e. non-lawyers) will actually read that?

I mentioned in an Instagram post last year that my 2017 goals were “to see things more objectively and just keep working hard, continue to increase my value, and to finally take the lead and make some changes in the field.” I guess its been a good year, since I managed to accomplish all of the above except the last one. Perhaps the goal of changing my field in one year was also somewhat ambitious..

In short, thankful for the progress in 2017, and looking to continuing in 2018!


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