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About Us


Dzuba Law is a law firm with offices in Miami, Florida and New York, New York focusing in the area of business law. In particular the firm focuses on three areas of business law: pooled investment funds, debt & equity finance, and corporate counsel work. The firm’s clientele spans a variety of industries, with emphasis in the financial industry.

Firm Philosophy

The unique value of a business law firm within the fabric of society, can be revealed by the following simple thought experiment: what would a business look like if they were to launch or even operate at a more mature level and not have an attorney by their side?

The reality is that the legal infrastructure today is way too complex for any entrepreneur to be able to both run their business effectively and also get up to speed with all of the relevant laws that apply for each business scenario that they encounter. Without this knowledge, business actions are taken that are suboptimal, and that result in much greater risk than if a lawyer had been consulted.

Dzuba Law meets this need by bringing to the table the knowledge of this relevant legal infrastructure to all business decisions and, in light of this infrastructure, helping structure business transactions in the best way possible for the client.

There is no denying that there are many other law firms also serving this need. However, Dzuba Law is unique in that it approaches the industry with a fresh set of eyes and applies certain principles to meet this need, which are held by its founder.

First, the firm believes in delivering the highest quality work product possible, which generally means drafting a thorough agreement which has set forth the best approach for each of the risks faced by the client in the transaction. The firm sides with businesses that espouse the philosophy that always putting their best foot forward is a winning combination. Even though the firm generally does not do work on a deferred fee basis, the firm would rather defer its fees in a given situation, than produce an abbreviated agreement simply because it is ‘cheaper.’

Second, the firm believes in fair pricing. It is no secret that big firms charge very high fees. Now we are not saying anything against high fees, provided that high value is delivered. However, far too often, big firms find ways to charge astronomical prices for a work product that has no correlation with the underlying price. At Dzuba Law, there is a commitment to have the fees charged correlate to the value that is ultimately provided to the client.

Third, the firm has a commitment to continuously improving their internal systems in order to deliver the work product to the client in the most efficient way possible, which is important for business. Although this is a difficult thing to balance with the firm’s commitment to delivering the highest quality work product, this is where the firm’s commitment to constant improvement and continuously striving to improve its internal processes comes into play. Through this constant improvement and the implementation of the most recent technological advances in law practice management, the firm hopes to be at the cutting edge of this industry and provide the most value possible to clients.

In short, we strive to meet the legal need of businesses in the best way possible, and provide a fresh and unique perspective in doing so. We hope that you will try our service and hope that you will come away satisfied and also refer your colleagues, as we strive to always meet this need in the best way possible.



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